Attack of the giant hickey vampire

This is an actual photo of my back. Nothing was modified with Photoshop. What you are seeing is the result of a technique used today by my massage therapist. This technique is called “cupping” therapy. She places cups that suck your skin and muscles to expose the areas in need of the most massaging. Now she could have cupped those love handles completely off and it would have been fine with me.

But the image conjures up all kinds of book titles, doesn’t it?

  1. Attack of the giant hickey vampire
  2. Lustful leeches land on lone loon’s lagoon
  3. The Texas mosquito massacre
  4. Revenge of the salty sea sucking squid

If you look closely at the largest cupped spot you can see the canals of Mars, the smaller orbiting freckled moons and the largest orbiting moon – “worthless US currency.” This should inspire you SciFi authors.

Now this technique did not hurt, it just sucked – BIG TIME! Luckily she only performed it on my back, neck, legs and feet. Had she applied this on my chest, well, the story “purple nipple twister” might have been forthcoming. I had to draw the line somewhere.

Finally, here is your chance to have some fun and display your creativity – at my expense. What title for a novel can you create from this photo that will now haunt you for life? Bwahahaha.

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