The Stylish Blogger Award

Recently, I was nominated by fellow Author Stephanie Ingram for the stylish blogger award. She just didn’t know how stylish I actually am. When I began researching other author websites on how to market and sell my trilogy digitally, I came across Nora Roberts’ website. I so admired her site, that I asked my long time friend and web expert, David Kocurek, to review the site and help me establish my own. Well some friend he is. What does he do? He takes my head and puts it on Nora’s body. Nora, with all my heart, I apologize for the cruelty. Then he decides to put that image on a book cover and created a title.

Luckily for David, I have a really good sense of self deprecating humor. I laughed my hiney off. Look how stylish I am? I look trim and confident, although I look like I could tip over at any moment from the big bobble head. But I digress as usual.

My blog is dedicated to human absurdities and my stories. No one is more absurd than yours truly. But now, I am absurdly stylish. So I accept this nomination and the absurdly humongous cash prize that awaits me. What? No cash you say! Well, one can dream, can’t they?

Now if you like the title of the above book cover, I am sure I can create a completely absurd story behind its title. I already write a monthly post titled “The Female Code”, which is my interpretation of the insane DNA code of women. So the Journey to Womanhood might be more fraught with peril than Frodo’s quest to Mount Doom. When standing at that pivotal moment he decides to keep the ring. Maybe that’s when he discovered his journey to womanhood. Luckily, Gollum interceded and kept him a member of “The Man Club” of which I also write a monthly post.

Again, my sincere thanks to Stephanie Ingram, fellow blogger, fellow indie author, and fellow good person willing to suffer with my absurd blog ramblings. And thank you David Kocurek for exposing my softer side. It is because of you that I journey to learn Photoshop. As they say, “Karma comes calling, when you least expect it.”

Now who can I nominate? Bwahahhaha.

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