Bacon Topped Sundaes

Burger King just announced a bacon sundae. That’s right! Now, I have never tried it and it doesn’t sound right, but I love bacon and I love sundaes, so why not give it a try? I’m always open to new suggestions and ones that make money even better. Such culinary innovation has my imagination running absurdly wild again. So next week I open up Eddie’s Edible Eatery so feast your eyes on this scrumptious menu:

  1. Triple meat, triple cheese orange sherbet pushups.
  2. Chocolate chip cheesy chili fries.
  3. Strawberry yogurt covered corn puffs.
  4. Vanilla nachos with jalapenos
  5. Powdered sea bass ala mode
  6. Rocky road fried pigskin swirl (or hurl depending on your constitution)
  7. Baby rhubarb blizzard
  8. Brussel sprout stuffed Twinkies

Now that is the menu just for those not terribly concerned with calorie or cholesterol intake. For those that are, you have the choice of:

  1. Tofu tiramisu
  2. Bean curd custard
  3. Baked Turkey breast bread pudding w/whiskey sauce (say that fast 3 times when ordering)
  4. Sauerkraut and weenies strudel (my all-time favorite hurler)
  5. Trout truffles
  6. Fishy flan cakes

Keep in mind this is just the opening menu. We experiment daily with our leftovers, so come back often and feast again on the additions. We guarantee a reaction, which brings me to the fine print legal disclosure on the menu:

Note: Should you lose weight by ingesting and expulsion of our menu items or by expulsion merely by eye contact with the menu, there will be a $100 weight loss surcharge to your order.

I am after all, just a simple entrepreneur considering any and all revenue streams from a venture. Maybe you can suggest an item to be added to the menu and it must be cruelly creative to the colon!

Bon Appetit!

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