Teeter Toddler and other absurdities

Well just when you think you’ve seen or read everything, Time Magazine has on its cover a controversial photo of a model breast feeding her 3-year old son. I’ve known parents who let kids sleep with them until they were 5 years old. But, breast feeding? When is it time to decouple a child from the teeter toddler? Surely that kid wants a happy meal by now! We are worried about bullying in our schools. Can you imagine kids running around with the magazine cover yelling “Bobby can’t get off the teeter toddler!”

You may have read me state before that the news provides us with the stories of our insane and absurd world. Dave Barry of the Miami Herald takes the news and has been creating an insane newspaper column for years. I would love to have his job. Because almost everyday there is something in the news that provides us with the free material. You may have read where a 19 year-old Texas man claimed to be a 500 year-old vampire and was arrested because he needed to feed and he attacked a woman in his boxer briefs, growling and hissing. Or how about Octomom? Sometimes these stories are not humorous because they highlight the growing signs of mental illness or actions from drug dependencies.

But we as a human species must laugh to retain our sanity. So as writers we try to give you a glimpse that we are all in this boat together, experiencing the same world, trying to make sense of it all. We may laugh at late-night comedians exposing the absurdities, but most of us step back and look at the issue from a completely serious perspective. One of the issues I take seriously is sharing my own human frailties and laughing at them. For if we cannot learn to laugh at ourselves then those that laugh at us will defeat us. We need to learn to laugh with them. Once we all see how absurd we all really are, maybe then we can learn to live a life in peace.

So get busy blogging or writing stories about some of the silly moments of your life. I am sure there are more teeter toddlers out there. I will share my sixth grade experience called the underwear padding paddling in an upcoming blog. So see if you can beat my experience.

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