Waterfalls in Hawaii

When I was young and newly married we could not afford a honeymoon. We waited four years and finally started looking at going to Hawaii. We saw brochures of sexy couples smooching under a crystal clear blue waterfall. We had to go just to find that picture-perfect waterfall. So we decided upon a trip that had pre-planned activities and a lot of free time as well. It was that “free time” that we decided we would go find that waterfall.

Boy, were we disappointed! There are no waterfalls in Honolulu! We began our quest by heading towards Diamond Head thinking waterfalls are near mountains. We just didn’t realize it was 25 miles away. But we were young, dumb and up to the walking challenge.

First, we found ourselves in an Asian market where no one spoke English. When I asked how to get to the waterfalls they just all laughed. I pointed out the travel brochure and they laughed again, but they pointed towards Diamond Head. We just knew we would find that perfect place to catch a smooch.

Then, we find ourselves in the neighborhoods of Honolulu and some people who thought we were tourists looking for drugs. This adventure was going downhill fast on an uphill climb. Now both my wife and I were young and attractive, so some approached us for less than savory services. We mentioned we just wanted to find the waterfall in the picture we pointed out. They just laughed and walked away. I swear I could hear one say “Dumb Tourists!”

Finally, we realized Diamond Head was not getting any closer and our dream of making out under a waterfall in Hawaii was never going to happen. Life is full of disappointments but you move on.

Later that night we attended a luau and they served Mai Tai’s and Blue Hawaiians. We had a blast and I got leied multiple times. It didn’t take too long to forget about the waterfall. Hang loose dude!

So what adventure left you less than fulfilled?

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