P is for Possession

Today’s A to Z writing challenge deals with the letter “P” for Possession in a spiritual sense. Obsession is of one’s own making. Possession is the action taken by another. Most of us recall the movie “The Exorcist” and agree it is probably the scariest movie of all time.

When writing my mythological trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar”, I wanted to capture that sense of uncontrolled terror. You cannot fight what you cannot see. In my story, the chief demon is a fallen immortal – a Charamorg. This character, Haggarfuse, will be seen by readers in relation to stories of Satan. This was done intentionally for the majority of readers to have a sense of understanding and relation. Haggarfuse applies cunning wit to use mortals’ obsessive nature against them. But, where resistance is present, they rely on possession.

In this mythology, Haggarfuse establishes a line of ruling and ruthless kings named Yubal which is a word that he misinterprets to mean “Son of War” when in fact it means “Son of Woe.” Haggarfuse need only possess this one man’s soul for brief periods of time to bring death and destruction to the world of Allivar. His wife, Narcissia is also possessed by another Charamorg, who taunts and haunts the mind and soul of King Yubal and plays on his own obsessive faults for her.

Arimar, the hero has to convince Yubal the 7th, within forty days, to free the peoples of the seven races. To do so he must have an unclouded mind of King Yubal. Therefore in one narrative, Arimar acts as an exorcist, and gains Yubal’s declaration of freedom. Without giving too much away, there is a narrative at the end of book two, “Bound to Forbidden Lands”, when Haggarfuse and the other Charamorgs come to reclaim souls and like puppets, direct them to declare a final war on the final heavenly world.


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