Q is for Quest

Today’s A to Z writing challenge deals with the letter “Q” for Quest. Here is just one definition of the word:

A search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something.

Back in the year 2000 I began the thought process of writing an epic story. This story was inspired by my love of The Lord of the Rings and Frodo’s epic journey to destroy the ring of power and bring the world of Middle Earth back to peace. I was also influenced by other heroic stories such as the tales of Beowulf, King Arthur and Greek mythologies. I wanted a completely unique story and my very own quest had begun. I completed my quest in December 2010 – ten years of writing, followed by six months of editing, focus group meetings, etc.

What I completed are three stories that I believe rival the epic quests of those that inspired me. Against all odds and mortal deficiencies the hero of my tale, Arimar, begins a quest for the freedom of seven enslaved races. Little does he know that there is another purpose for his quest. He will not learn this purpose until all that he has loved perishes before his eyes. It is a test of his mortal soul and free will to keep faith in a power greater than himself. He and the followers of the mythical world of Allivar are all involved in this test. The final test is to “stand” for forty days and forty nights against the siege of mortal enemies controlled, by possession, of immortal beings bound on destruction. The siege of Masara will be one of the largest battle scenes you may have ever read. But I’m not done yet!

One person at a book signing event asked if my story has a good ending. The answer is “yes”, but in a very unique manner that should have you thinking. The story parallels many of the challenges we face here on this blue ball called Earth. When Arimar has made his stand and displays the traits the creator had desired in living mortals, even with his losses, his sorrows, his needs, and his mortal frailties, the creator of the heavens comes to their aid as declared by Arimar:

“The Lord of All has heard your cries. He has brought all the powers of the heavens against his foes. Witness them now and rejoice. The Lord has come to stand for you and you shall doubt no more.”

Here the battle between good and evil is ratcheted up yet another level. But, I am still not done yet! I will ratchet up the battle two more times until its conclusion. Those that have read the complete trilogy made an investment in their time for me to establish this mythical creation and remained faithful in the quest to its conclusion.

Will it make you cry? I hope so – it was meant to take you to the lowest level of human emotion and then to lift you to the highest summit. The old saying of “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” is applicable to this story. It is a story of the near loss of paradise.

Will it make you laugh? In order for you to love the characters, I have made them as real as someone you might know along with light-hearted moments that will make you smile.

Will it make you cheer? As much as I cheered for the heroes in “The Lord of the Rings”, it is my hope you will be aroused to cheer in your mind.

Will it surprise you? To me the greatest stories are ones that you want to read over and over again – to pick up the small hints interlaced within the story. I write every sentence and paragraph to have some meaning. I have not placed any filler narrative to expand the size of the story. I try to get to the point as quickly as I can, not allowing you to put down the story, because you want to know what happens next.

But the journey does not end here. This mythology has only just begun. As you finish the trilogy you will want to know more about the fallen worlds, the armies of light, the rise of evil and the rise of the resistance. In the sixteen stories to follow, more surprises, more laughs, crying and cheering will be presented to you to leave an enduring and hopefully endearing impression upon you as the quest of heroes past had made upon this writer.

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