K is for Kith

Today’s A to Z writing challenge is the letter K for Kith. The word is an old world word that I uncovered in my research. I immediately fell in love with the word. Here is its definition:

Familiar friends, neighbors, or relatives; “all his kith and kin”

In my trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar”, there are seven races who have been divided from one another by the influence of evil. At one point all the races were considered kith. They served one another without complaint or notice of their external appearances. It was evil that brought their differences to light and instilled fear and hatred for their differences.

Arimar, the reluctant hero of this mythology, has been given a task to deliver a message. That message is for a king to free those of the enslaved seven races. This is the verbal message. The nonverbal message is presented in his actions and interactions with the sons of the seven races he befriends. He had been separated from almost everyone for ten years. He has heard stories of the “kith and kin” that once graced the world. His best friend, Killeon is of the Kernsh race – short in height and temperament, with webbed membranes that allow them to glide from treetop to treetop. Arimar is so starved for mortal interaction he hasn’t developed any hatred or bigotry. He sees the differences and embraces them. All he truly sees is the goodness of the races.

He next meets Feng, which you can relate to some from the Asian race. Arimar is more interested in Feng’s skills with a sword and bow than in his appearance. He simply wants to learn about his kind and of their skills so that he may fulfill his quest.

Finally, on the first leg of the journey, he meets Bothar of the Bermule race, who is so unlike all the others and a complete paradox of Killeon. Bothar is an eighteen foot tall mortal, incredibly fast and strong, but as gentle in his disposition as a small child. He would do nothing to hurt Arimar, Feng and Killeon. Instead, he would do anything to help them. Bothar represents the good that mortals should possess.

In the end, Arimar has befriended sons of all the races. He has united them to make one final stand against evil. It is in that stand that the bonds of kith and kin are tested.


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