N is for Necromancer

Today’s A to Z writing challenge is the letter “N” for Necromancer. This word has numerous meanings and is found in religions and in some of the greatest myths and fantasy stories written.

1. One who practices black magic by conjuring up the dead.
2. Communicating with the spirits of the dead in order to predict the future.

In my mythological trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar”, the necromancer is Gahar who is given controls over damned souls of those that turn from the light of life. They are cast down into the underworld in a previous age and held there by the chief antagonist – Haggarfuse. The main protagonist is Arimar and he must deal with visions of the future by the creator and by the antagonist, allowing him to see all and deal with the quest of freeing peoples of the seven races.

Gahar has but a little role in the trilogy, but will become the chief antagonist of the next series of this mythology – the Chronicles of Allivar. The “Rise of Evil” series are nine stories of the fall of heavenly worlds under his direct intervention. Gahar is but a pawn of the ultimate goal of Haggarfuse.

In “The Lord of the Rings”, consider Saruman’s fall under the powerful seduction of the ring of power, believing he can join forces and share power with Sauron. Gahar too, will experience the seduction of power, even into death and the darkness of the underworld. By engaging Gahar in his plotting, Haggarfuse creates plausible deniability, or so he believes.

As a new writer, I wanted to write a fantasy story for stunning visual impact to the reader. I wanted a story that touches our basic human emotions and needs. I also wanted to write a story allegorical in nature that deals with human attributes that we see in the real world. Adding a necromancer assisted me in this long journey.


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