Ideas for Blog Posts

Some days I can write enough blog posts to cover a week. My wife then edits them the best she can and schedules them for posting, unless I specify otherwise. But, how do I come up with my ideas? It’s not that hard really; I love to talk about many different topics, so blogging allows me to talk with words. Blogging allows me to answer questions and to receive feedback about the books I write.

First, it starts with not taking yourself too seriously. If the slightest criticism affects you, you shouldn’t be online in any forum or social media capacity. It takes a good look in the mirror each morning with the thought that you are special. No one in this world shares your identical DNA. This means you have a unique perspective on life and the events in life. So share your life experiences. You will connect with someone whose experiences are similar to yours. It appears my blogs on how bad my golfing game is connects with others.

Second, always find humor to talk about. We all love to laugh and smile. My humor will not appeal to everyone. Take some of the moments of your life and place it into humorous context, embellish it and enjoy it for yourself first. Don’t get upset if few reply back. If you see your view counter rising, you know that you are being tested out first.

Third, read the news, read forums or other author’s blogs. Spark your imagination and creativity. Remember you are a writer! Follow the examples of others, but from your perspective, your twist.

Fourth, blog on the trends of the moment. Those who follow “Dancing with the Stars” will want the perspective of others they share interest with. For me, that would be how lousy a dancer I am. As you receive replies that is the opening for further communication and analysis of the interest of your readers. I would however suggest staying away from topics that can become negatively charged, such as religion or politics.

Finally, be creative and test your boundaries. For example, I write a fictitious monthly post on the “Female Code” – the viewpoint of females from a male perspective, and a monthly post on the “Man Club.” Here I try to illicit a response from the opposite sex.

If you love to talk and love to write even more it should start coming very easily.

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