F is for Fear by Force

Today’s A to Z writing challenge is “F” for Fear by Force. In my trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar”, force has many definitions, but the following are the ones I concentrated on when writing:

1. physical power or strength possessed by a living being.
2. strength or power exerted upon an object; physical coercion; violence.
3. strength; energy; power; intensity

When an army goes to battle, they plan to bring an overwhelming show of force to end a battle quickly or to coerce surrender. Force is used to create a universe. Force is used to change a person’s perception of reality into fear. In my trilogy, the main character Arimar is provided a symbolic vision of the perils of is upcoming quest with this narrative:

Arimar then saw visions of massive armies pouring over the lands of Allivar, but they were not armies of the living beings seen before, but of dark and ghastly creatures gnawing and tearing at all in their path. Every living being and creature, crop and forest, was devoured. The faces were evil with yellow piercing eyes, and their battle cries were horrific and earsplitting. Behind the mass were seven larger and even more horrifying figures driving their armies with whips and more foul creatures with blind loyalty followed by their sides; but there were living beings as well, except their skins were cold and dead and their eyes either red as fire, or as yellow as pure sulphur. Their battle cries sounded and the lands quaked, but they also had weapons that they moved into positions of battle. Their numbers were too large to count and appeared as numerous as the sand of all beaches of the oceans. One of the seven leaders drew nearer and nearer to him, screaming profanities and curses until he was upon Arimar. He drew seven swords, and from the tip of each was blood from all the lands of Allivar. Then the creature of pure evil spoke to Arimar in a deep and malevolent voice.

This narrative, found in the first book of this mythology, “Rise of the Fallen”, I am tempting a reader with future events. This narrative also has another purpose. Arimar is given this glimpse of the future to discover his inner character. The Unseen, the creator of life and light, is testing him. He has been told what lies ahead and that with “free will” he can accept the challenge or run from it as long as he can. For where there is fear by force, there is also courage by resistance.

For those that have read the complete trilogy, they never saw the ending coming. When the armies of light and darkness finally do clash, there will be a cascading intensity of force to the final second.


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