P is for Possession

Today’s A to Z writing challenge deals with the letter “P” for Possession in a spiritual sense. Obsession is of one’s own making. Possession is the action taken by another. Most of us recall the movie “The Exorcist” and agree it is probably the scariest movie of all time.

When writing my mythological trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar”, I wanted to capture that sense of uncontrolled terror. You cannot fight what you cannot see. In my story, the chief demon is a fallen immortal – a Charamorg. This character, Haggarfuse, will be seen by readers in relation to stories of Satan. This was done intentionally for the majority of readers to have a sense of understanding and relation. Haggarfuse applies cunning wit to use mortals’ obsessive nature against them. But, where resistance is present, they rely on possession.

In this mythology, Haggarfuse establishes a line of ruling and ruthless kings named Yubal which is a word that he misinterprets to mean “Son of War” when in fact it means “Son of Woe.” Haggarfuse need only possess this one man’s soul for brief periods of time to bring death and destruction to the world of Allivar. His wife, Narcissia is also possessed by another Charamorg, who taunts and haunts the mind and soul of King Yubal and plays on his own obsessive faults for her.

Arimar, the hero has to convince Yubal the 7th, within forty days, to free the peoples of the seven races. To do so he must have an unclouded mind of King Yubal. Therefore in one narrative, Arimar acts as an exorcist, and gains Yubal’s declaration of freedom. Without giving too much away, there is a narrative at the end of book two, “Bound to Forbidden Lands”, when Haggarfuse and the other Charamorgs come to reclaim souls and like puppets, direct them to declare a final war on the final heavenly world.


Q is for Quest

Today’s A to Z writing challenge deals with the letter “Q” for Quest. Here is just one definition of the word:

A search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something.

Back in the year 2000 I began the thought process of writing an epic story. This story was inspired by my love of The Lord of the Rings and Frodo’s epic journey to destroy the ring of power and bring the world of Middle Earth back to peace. I was also influenced by other heroic stories such as the tales of Beowulf, King Arthur and Greek mythologies. I wanted a completely unique story and my very own quest had begun. I completed my quest in December 2010 – ten years of writing, followed by six months of editing, focus group meetings, etc.

What I completed are three stories that I believe rival the epic quests of those that inspired me. Against all odds and mortal deficiencies the hero of my tale, Arimar, begins a quest for the freedom of seven enslaved races. Little does he know that there is another purpose for his quest. He will not learn this purpose until all that he has loved perishes before his eyes. It is a test of his mortal soul and free will to keep faith in a power greater than himself. He and the followers of the mythical world of Allivar are all involved in this test. The final test is to “stand” for forty days and forty nights against the siege of mortal enemies controlled, by possession, of immortal beings bound on destruction. The siege of Masara will be one of the largest battle scenes you may have ever read. But I’m not done yet!

One person at a book signing event asked if my story has a good ending. The answer is “yes”, but in a very unique manner that should have you thinking. The story parallels many of the challenges we face here on this blue ball called Earth. When Arimar has made his stand and displays the traits the creator had desired in living mortals, even with his losses, his sorrows, his needs, and his mortal frailties, the creator of the heavens comes to their aid as declared by Arimar:

“The Lord of All has heard your cries. He has brought all the powers of the heavens against his foes. Witness them now and rejoice. The Lord has come to stand for you and you shall doubt no more.”

Here the battle between good and evil is ratcheted up yet another level. But, I am still not done yet! I will ratchet up the battle two more times until its conclusion. Those that have read the complete trilogy made an investment in their time for me to establish this mythical creation and remained faithful in the quest to its conclusion.

Will it make you cry? I hope so – it was meant to take you to the lowest level of human emotion and then to lift you to the highest summit. The old saying of “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” is applicable to this story. It is a story of the near loss of paradise.

Will it make you laugh? In order for you to love the characters, I have made them as real as someone you might know along with light-hearted moments that will make you smile.

Will it make you cheer? As much as I cheered for the heroes in “The Lord of the Rings”, it is my hope you will be aroused to cheer in your mind.

Will it surprise you? To me the greatest stories are ones that you want to read over and over again – to pick up the small hints interlaced within the story. I write every sentence and paragraph to have some meaning. I have not placed any filler narrative to expand the size of the story. I try to get to the point as quickly as I can, not allowing you to put down the story, because you want to know what happens next.

But the journey does not end here. This mythology has only just begun. As you finish the trilogy you will want to know more about the fallen worlds, the armies of light, the rise of evil and the rise of the resistance. In the sixteen stories to follow, more surprises, more laughs, crying and cheering will be presented to you to leave an enduring and hopefully endearing impression upon you as the quest of heroes past had made upon this writer.

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Man Club – May 2012 Edition (Golf Buddies)

I have come to realize I get invited to golf because I boost the egos of those that suck at golf. If it were not for the fact that I redefine “sucking at golf”, I’d be here at home all by my lonesome, bugging my wife whose only comment is “Go mow the lawn!” But since I just mowed 30 seconds ago, I know my company is not wanted by the love of my life. At least not this month and it’s just May 9th.

We men go golfing just for the sake of being men. It gets us away from honey-do’s. We all suck at golf but it is simply too irresistible to deny the comradeship. “Hey Bob, I just sliced into those people’s new stucco job!” Now the buddy, according to Man Club rule 21.1 subsection B, paragraph two clearly states:

“When a buddy’s shot sucks so bad, compliment him on the damage done to life and/or property.”

So being a faithful club member I reply, “Dang Jerry, that’s one heckuva of a hole there pal. You must have had some power behind that slice.”

You see? Now Jerry feels good about himself. He can go home and talk at length how his buddies complimented his power game. Now our wives pretend to listen. “Yes, honey that’s nice. Does the lawn need mowing? If not, there’s a list over there.” That’s when Man Club rule 3.1 subsection k, paragraph three is placed into action:

“When the wife mentions list, walk away as though you didn’t hear her.”

Later she will insist you are going deaf and paragraph four of the same rule and subsection will come into affect.

“Nod agreeably.”

Yeah, yeah my paragraphs are not really paragraphs. (Nodding)

So we golf buddies then get together and slam down a few cold ones and begin our intellectual conversations on golf, fish, women and the upcoming months of bikini sweeps advertising. It’s always about the “Big One” that got away. Soon we return to our domicile and continue nodding until we nod ourselves to sleep in our Lazyboy recliners having successfully avoided the “list” and her question on how she looked in her new bikini.

You can now see that strict adherence to the Man Club rules leads to peace and tranquility. Beware, May is the beginning of the toughest challenge to all man club rules. Soon hordes of women will be advertising their brand, with itty-bitty bikinis on hot sandy beaches or pools. Stay thirsty my friends!

I is for Insidious

Today’s A to Z writing challenge is “I” for Insidious. Every so often I learn a new word when I search for synonyms. As an author I want my readers to increase their vocabulary. Our brain has the capacity; we just need to put in the effort. To not do so would be insidious, defined as:

1. Proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects: “the insidious effects of stress”.
2. Treacherous; crafty: “an insidious alliance”.

In my trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar”, I refer to the slow plot of Haggarfuse to gain an unholy alliance. I just didn’t realize how insidious my thinking was.

If you are a writer, sometimes you may have mental blocks for words that express the meaning of the moment. Thankfully we have books on our shelves and the all powerful and sometimes insidious Google. I use synonyms from Thesaurus.com where I can find new words to use in my narrative. Whenever I look at some of Jane Austen’s narratives, I become envious of her vocabulary. I want to learn more, but the stresses of writing part-time limit the number of hours per day to increase knowledge.

What’s more insidious is that you may be the only one using the word, while others look at you with an insidious glance as though you are insane and out of the loop of social conversation. I recall many years ago when the word “contrite” was spoken all around as though it was common day speak. Then fast forward a few years and it disappeared again. Nowadays the catch word is “sustainability” and will be for a period of time. It’s all an insidious plot.

When you read my trilogy, just know there are insidious plots throughout. See how many you can uncover. If you are unable to discover them, there is no need to be contrite and your sustainability will be unaffected. Oooh, I am so insidious!

J is for Jealousy

Today’s A to Z writing challenge is the letter “J” for Jealousy. Also synonymous with envy, jealousy is one of the most damaging emotions in human nature. It is considered one of the greatest sins among the seven deadly sins. It is also one excellent concept for an author to incorporate into a story because, at some point in life, we all know how it feels. We can verbally deny it all we want, but we know we have experienced it.

In my trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar”, jealousy is the attribute that leads to a fall of grace. The lead evil character Haggarfuse is first jealous of the creator for his power and then jealous because the creator favored the mortals over the immortals, making them subject to steward over them.

The main character of good, Arimar, must also deal with the attribute of jealousy when the woman he loves, Elissia, is seen laughing and smiling with another man, although very innocently. She notices he is watching and uses this to elicit a response out of him, any response that showed he has care for her. Here the jealously he feels exposes his emotions to Haggarfuse and becomes his Achilles heel as he begins to lead a company of 500 thousand freed individuals through the forbidden lands. His jealously has now become a detriment to his task. He must lead all the people, not just Elissia, so his attention is split.

Realizing the danger his emotions now places her in, he separates from her. He tries to ignore her on the long path, without an explanation of his behavior which is only to save her life. Elissia takes this as a sign of rejection and this infuriates her. On the path, the mortal antagonist, Grushame is in the midst to do the bidding of Haggarfuse. Without giving further details or spoilers, Grushame almost succeeds. Both Elissia and Arimar now come to a different understanding of their emotions and they mature from it; placing their own needs become secondary to the task.

In this mythology, I venture with the reader into various concepts of human emotions and how each one can be used in evil’s attempt to destroy. It is not just a journey of excitement and battle, but also a mortal quest for perfection, the conquering of evil and a rebirth of paradise.

K is for Kith

Today’s A to Z writing challenge is the letter K for Kith. The word is an old world word that I uncovered in my research. I immediately fell in love with the word. Here is its definition:

Familiar friends, neighbors, or relatives; “all his kith and kin”

In my trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar”, there are seven races who have been divided from one another by the influence of evil. At one point all the races were considered kith. They served one another without complaint or notice of their external appearances. It was evil that brought their differences to light and instilled fear and hatred for their differences.

Arimar, the reluctant hero of this mythology, has been given a task to deliver a message. That message is for a king to free those of the enslaved seven races. This is the verbal message. The nonverbal message is presented in his actions and interactions with the sons of the seven races he befriends. He had been separated from almost everyone for ten years. He has heard stories of the “kith and kin” that once graced the world. His best friend, Killeon is of the Kernsh race – short in height and temperament, with webbed membranes that allow them to glide from treetop to treetop. Arimar is so starved for mortal interaction he hasn’t developed any hatred or bigotry. He sees the differences and embraces them. All he truly sees is the goodness of the races.

He next meets Feng, which you can relate to some from the Asian race. Arimar is more interested in Feng’s skills with a sword and bow than in his appearance. He simply wants to learn about his kind and of their skills so that he may fulfill his quest.

Finally, on the first leg of the journey, he meets Bothar of the Bermule race, who is so unlike all the others and a complete paradox of Killeon. Bothar is an eighteen foot tall mortal, incredibly fast and strong, but as gentle in his disposition as a small child. He would do nothing to hurt Arimar, Feng and Killeon. Instead, he would do anything to help them. Bothar represents the good that mortals should possess.

In the end, Arimar has befriended sons of all the races. He has united them to make one final stand against evil. It is in that stand that the bonds of kith and kin are tested.

O is for Obsession

Today’s A to Z writing Challenge is the letter “O” for Obsession. Here is a short definition:

“the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.”

I call obsession self-possession. It is the state of overpowering one’s own reason to think logically or rationally. This trait can been seen in love, lust, greed, power, etc. It is a trait that can send people to their ruin. As a writer, the trait of obsession is a powerful tool in character development. Haggarfuse, an immortal, utilizes this trait in his quest for the fall of all mortals. He uses a henchman in the trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar”, to do his biding. To coerce his bidding, he uses Grushame’s own obsessive desires to work for him while never intending to live up to any of his promises.

Even Arimar has moments of obsession that lead him close to disaster. When Haggarfuse learns of his affection for Elissia, Arimar becomes obsessed with her safety and lowers his guard for his other followers. Haggarfuse uses Elissia’s obsession for Arimar against her as well. Grushame obsesses over Esmeralda and Esmeralda obsesses over her son Vicora.

In the upcoming chronicles series, obsession will take center stage in the story of two queens, one good, one evil and the affections for one man. I admit to reading the first book and part of the second book in the Twilight series. For me, a man of 52 years of age, Bella appeared as a completely obsessed individual, never justifying the loss of her soul for the love of Edward. What the story did for me was enforce my very own story line of an obsessed queen and the lengths she will go to for the love of the only man she is willing to settle for. That obsession will lead to the fall of an entire world. So when Helen of Troy launched a thousand ships, so shall Talon.

But when evil can no longer control action by one’s own obsession, possession becomes their only tool. My trilogy and the upcoming chronicles series will be filled with both.