E is for Evil

Today’s A to Z writing challenge is the letter “E” which is for Evil. Evil means something different to just about everyone you discuss it with. For some it has a religious meaning, for others it does not. Now my grammar is horrible, so I researched the definition of evil a long time ago to learn its numerous meanings not only as a noun, but as an adjective. I also have to refresh what nouns and adjectives were. So here are the definitions:

1. Morally bad or wrong; wicked: an evil tyrant.
2. Causing ruin, injury, or pain; harmful: the evil effects of a poor diet.
3. Characterized by or indicating future misfortune; ominous: evil omens.
4. Bad or blameworthy by report; infamous: an evil reputation.
5. Characterized by anger or spite; malicious: an evil temper.

1. The quality of being morally bad or wrong; wickedness.
2. That which causes harm, misfortune, or destruction: a leader’s power to do both good and evil.
3. An evil force, power, or personification.
4. Something that is a cause or source of suffering, injury, or destruction: the social evils of poverty and injustice.

My trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar”, has at its basic theme, the battle of good over evil. It is not only the battle over ethereal powers, but the evil that resides in our minds towards others different than ourselves. Racial bigotry is evil. Bullying is evil. Sloth is evil. Greed is evil. The list could go on and on. The chief antagonist in my story is Haggarfuse, a Charafuse (an angel guardian of the light) who realizes he has power by being granted immortality. He sees himself at the same level as his creator – The Unseen. When he is directed to be a steward over mortals, he is insulted and evil is born. Before the Unseen created anything he pondered evil and its path. He made the decision that all his creations must be endowed with free will. In the end it is that will he hopes his creations will exercise and turn away from evil. This is the mortal dilemma – to do what is right.

When Haggarfuse fails his task he is transformed into a horrible creature (a Charamorg). His hatred leads him on the path to destroy all that the Unseen has created, including having direct influence over mortals to where nine of the ten heavenly worlds fall to utter destruction and the death of all living beings on them. For all my characters that represent evil, I wanted to make sure a reader was to be repulsed by their actions. By doing so, the reader will clearly pick sides and no gray line exists.

This theme is not new, but what makes my story original is the journey of self exploration. In the end, good and evil will battle and there will be a meaning conveyed in its conclusion. I love religion and philosophy, because it demonstrates how we humans deal with our own actions and mortality. I wanted as a writer to leave the reader with many provoking thoughts. For Allivar means “The One Family”, of which consists of seven different races. A messenger named Arimar is delivered to bring back the message, not by words, but by his actions of his own free will.

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