D is for Dragons

Today’s A to Z writing challenge is of the letter “D”, which is for dragons. When I began writing my trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar”, I knew I wanted dragons. As a child I was fascinated and obsessed with dinosaurs. I could name almost every one. Movies such as “The Valley of the Gwangi”, “Godzilla”, “10,000 years BC”, etc. stoked my young imagination. As did Raquel Welch! Greek mythology gave us the seven-headed hydra. “The Hobbit” gave us Smaug and our fascination with dragons has never waned.

In my mythology, dragons will play a vital part and their origin will be presented in one of the “Chronicles” stories. Yet every culture and myth on earth seems to have a dragon or many dragons. For some the dragon is evil, yet in other myths they represent wisdom, even as the creators of worlds. The inspiration for these myths may have come from fossils, but also from very large reptiles such as constrictors and crocodiles. They are usually used in stories to tap our instinctive and primal fears.

In book one of my trilogy, the stories of dragons are given to frighten small children and as a warning to stay clear of the Marog – the Forbidden Lands. For it is in the Marog that dragons, giants and other evil spawn are bound.

In book two, Arimar the hero must confront all that is bound to the Marog, because he has no other path available to him. There he must confront the guardian dragons of the northern entrance. As his journey ends in the Marog, he finds himself confronting all the evil forces of the Marog and its four dragons who unleash all their fiery breath upon him.

In book three, Arimar again is assaulted by the dragons, which have been used by evil, yet again to do their bidding, with a final unleashing of all dragons bound in the Marog.

As I begin the writing of the “Chronicles”, I will once again revisit the lore of the dragon and give you my take on their origin and of the massive battles against their powers. Dragons heighten the reading experience for the thought of combating a giant creature, capable of fiery and deathly discharge, places us in an inescapable position and leaving us mesmerized when our heroes survive.

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