A is for Allivar

Okay…I am going to be taking the online challenge to try to explain my trilogy using the letters of the alphabet from A to Z. So here goes the letter A. A is for Allivar.

Allivar is the mythological world created by the Unseen. It is the first of ten such worlds he creates and the most special to him. Chapter one of the first book “Rise of the Fallen” is devoted to the creation of the universe and Allivar. I followed the creation story, to some extent, of the three major religions. This similarity will assist many to follow along with the story a little easier.

As I began writing the story, I developed a map of the world so that I would have a frame of reference when providing the narrative of Arimar’s (the chosen one) journeys. Follow this link here to see the map. The design of the map was one of the very first things I did in combination with a chapter outline of the entire trilogy. I wanted the reader to have a lay of the lands and of the magnificent mountains and forests on the paradise created by the Unseen.

Many fantasy stories I have read provide no context for the world and history in which the characters are found. For many readers this may not be important, but understanding the origin of the characters is important for me, so I included this information in the first nine chapters. In all, this mythology I am writing will consists of 18 books. Nine chapters establishing origin and history will allow me to by-pass future description of the races.

Finally, Allivar has a special meaning for the Unseen – “The One Family.” Here he creates the seven races to test the ability of all to remain united, despite the differences of external appearances. For it is on Allivar that the fate of time is to be decided. The themes to this mythology relate to our everyday experiences. How we decide our fate is completely up to us.


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