B is for Battle

In my A to Z writing challenge, I selected “B” for Battle. Anyone who has seen the advances in movie technology knows that massive battle scenes are now possible. The battle of Pelennor field in “The Lord of the Rings” or the final battle in “Avatar” should provide authors with enough excitement and fuel to write even more massive battle scenes. As I wrote the final battle scene in book three of my mythological trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar” I was reminded of verse 9:16 in the book of Revelations. “I heard the size of their army, which was 200 million…”

As I wrote my narrative of the revelation to the main character of the size of the armies of evil to arrive in six months time, I kept in my mind an overwhelming force. In this narrative Arimar and his captains of the seven races must make a “stand.” Victory is not the object of the revelation, but just to make a stand for forty days and forty nights. To make this stand they have six months to construct a defensive wall and to create weapons for mass killing. Arimar has been told the size of the arriving armies. So vast are the numbers he feels defeated and hopeless. It is only from the trust of his captains and the one he loves, Elissia that he finds the courage to lead on. For those looking for strong women characters the speech given by Elissia is not to be missed.

I had to research for a couple of years all the aspects of ancient warfare, tactics, weapons, etc. Without giving too much of the story away, I took on a challenge to write what I felt was the single largest battle scene in a story. In the process of making the story ready for distribution, we selected music and video for each book. For the third book, “Last Stand of the Living”, the music rises in crescendos as does the battle. The video we selected, was of lightning during a thunderstorm in the dark of night, which was representative of the battle between the forces of dark and light.

The battle will be different than any you may have read and will hopefully spark your visual senses. It was written to touch all your sensory perceptions and emotions, leaving you awestruck and drained, as any warrior would be in battle. If ever made into a major motion picture, the scenes in the story should have you standing, cheering and crying. You will begin to wonder if it will ever end. For those that have read the final story, most have said it is hard to put it down.

In the conclusion of the story, you should be left thinking of life, as all battles should. Enjoy the video and music and prepare for the battle of the ages.



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