Stand back world, here comes my humor

In my quest for self publishing, I read I needed a blog and to make humorous posts, Tweets, Facebook posts, etc, etc. At first, I thought this was a bad idea. My sense of humor is quite antiquated and absurd. I turn 53 in June, so my source of humor dates back to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Sorry, I rarely find anything humorous with today’s humor. I like slapstick, because it is so absurd it makes you laugh. I am a huge fan of Monty Python and other British humor. I was raised on Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny.

“Unga Bunga in the Binga Bunga!” This is a classic line for which all people my age probably recall.

I’m addicted to Calvin and Hobbes because Calvin is so close to my reality. Comedians like Steve Martin are my favorites because they can make you laugh without all the profanity. Movies like the “Money Pit” and “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” rank among my favorites because I can relate somewhat to the story line. I have even watched, on occasion, “Southpark”, which provides social satire in a twisted way but lands spot on with the absurdity of the human sheep species. I take what I see in the news, the world around me and try to make it humorous. I also self deprecate and allow you into my world of imperfect human foibles.

Now with all this said, I am always open to a new source of comedy. Maybe you, the blogger, can lead me to something new and refreshingly funny. We need it! We need to laugh. We need, just for a few moments each day, to set aside all the woes and political games of adulthood to simply enjoy life. I recall when both my children were infants and toddlers that I could make them laugh uncontrollably with my silly faces and humor. As they grew older, they found me less entertaining. As they approach the age of their own child rearing I have one last opportunity in life to be as silly as I want. This precious time in life is called being a grandparent and there is no greater laugh than that of an infant or toddler.

When my eulogy is read I want everyone to laugh their butts off. This way the tears are created of joy by those moments when I was at my silliest. So, whether you like my sense of humor or not, I will continue to write as long as the human species continues to provide the free material. So stand back world, here comes my humor. Let’s get silly together!


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