How to destroy a world

My trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar” is a mythology, but the mythology is to continue by expanding upon stories in the history. In this history, nine of ten heavenly worlds must fall by the influence of evil into the lives of ordinary mortals. So how does one destroy a world? I ran across an interesting article on J. Robert Oppenheimer, a scientist in charge of the Manhattan project – the development of the atom bomb.

I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita… “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

This quote led me to the plot of creating and destroying those nine worlds. Ultimately, evil strives for one thing – the rise to power greater than one that has been gifted by a creator. It is the theme in almost every mythology and religious belief. Scientists in the Manhattan project were confronted with many moral issues. One was the uncertainty if the detonation would ignite our own atmosphere. Luckily for us this did not occur or I would not be writing this.

Another was the creation of an arms race. This did come true. Luckily detente prevents many nations from using them. But what if the promise of power in an afterlife did not prevent the use of such weapons? Does this premise sound far-fetched? You only need read the news to see it is not so far-fetched from human thought.

As a writer this premise provides for a logical story for evil to intervene. Without giving too much away, the trilogy provided a glimpse of these tragedies. What they did not divulge is the detail and character expansion of the beginnings of mortal thoughts on morality, life and death, and the quest for ultimate power. A power so strong that it created the universe and, with just having a small amount of that power, can annihilate an entire world. The stories that follow will involve valiant heroes and heroines who rise to the highest qualities of humanity to prevent such destruction.

Yet nine stories all based on the source of power would get boring. So like the song “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”, mine will be “9 Ways to Destroy Worlds.” This allows me as an author to step into the concepts of the seven deadly sins. Be prepared; the stories will be brutal, but have a silver lining. For in the end, good must triumph and enter the light.


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