Of Veterans and Children

I am about as tough a man as a man can get, but there are two things that can bring this man to his knees. The first is the vision of a veteran returning from war to the arms of its citizenry saluting and cheering their service, their sacrifice for me and my family’s freedom and independence. The second is of that of a vet’s child or children rushing into their arms. These are visions that are engrained in my mind for life.

No one wants war, not even this tough man. But when called to duty for a just purpose, this man would still lay down his life for others, those he does not know, or will ever know. People in power today are too concerned with their “legacy.” I believe it is their responsibility to protect the legacy of our men and women in the armed forces above all else. There is no higher valor in life than to lay down one’s life for others – NONE.

When drafting my trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar”, I tried to delve into the mind of a reluctant warrior. The main character, Arimar, is a reluctant bearer of a message to the seven races of the coming of their freedom. He is faced with obstacles that will question every single belief he has and test his faith and hope of the goodness of the living. No one wants war, but at times it seems that we are our best when we are confronted with the choice between good and evil. World War II was one of those defining moments, of which, the stories and meaning have almost disappeared…it’s heroes faded to worn granite sentinels.

We have been lucky that a major battle has never been brought to our shores in modern times. How would we respond? Would we display valor beyond recall? Would the stress cause us to break and commit unspeakable acts? It is easy to judge when the battle field is thousands of miles away. In the final chapters of my trilogy, war is brought to the doorsteps of the forces of good. The forces arrayed against them are unimaginable. Yet valor, courage and faith keep the characters fighting; including all the men, women, children of all ages and races are united against evil. It will place you in the moment of battle, and loss, and have you questioning much about life in general.

In the end the story serves a purpose for us to all recall those that give their lives for something greater than themselves. So please next time you see a vet, salute them, shake their hand, and say thank you. It will go along way to the restoration of peace.


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