The End of All Things

In any mythology, there must be a narrative on the end of time. However, immortality suggests there is never truly an ending. So the end of my mythology has to do with the final judgment of a mortal’s soul and an afterlife. Basically, what purpose does an afterlife serve? When writing my trilogy I thought long and hard about the end of all things. For the atheist, the end is the end; there is no soul or no afterlife. This story most likely offends their sense of logic and intellect, which was never my intention, it merely is a story that I hope would provoke thought.

Heaven is not described very well in myths and religions. Most ancient peoples believed both heaven and hell reside here on earth. Many writers, like Dante, tried to describe hell in the vilest manner possible. I attempted to describe, in as vile a manner as possible, what happens to the mortals who fall from the protection of the light. Likewise, very little is discussed when we die. So with all this in mind I wanted my story to end with some sort of explanation and plausible reason for an afterlife. The story is allegorical.

In the final book, “Last Stand of the Living,” I provide a scenario where one’s beliefs are tested to the final moment and the reaction of the hero will decide the fate of everything. The hero is mortal and, as such, suffers greater pains than that of his immortal adversaries. I believe many people of faith battle with their beliefs when horrific times arrive. We read often in news blogs of why a good and loving creator would allow so much death and misery. I submit that most misery is caused by mortal decisions. I believe in free will, otherwise we would all be zombies or puppets of a creator. What we decide to do with that power determines our outcome.

I strived to make the conclusion to this mythology as unique as any story could be, leaving a person with no unanswered questions, but begging for more of the detailed history. It is in the chronicles of fifteen stories, nine which tell of the fall of the heavenly worlds and the rest telling the first six ages of Allivar, that I will delve deeper into our own mortal weaknesses. As with the trilogy, the chronicles will complete a full circle, leaving all questions answered and complete a mythology conjured in my head. At that time, it will be the end of this chapter of my life as I look to expand upon other stories.


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