PinTwitBookBlog – Technology Insanities

I don’t know how many of you think about this, but the vast number of sites dedicated to social media has grown out of proportion. You read “experts” who say you now need an MBA in social media. I’m just trying to sell a $2.99 eBook, not solve the world’s unemployment issue and increase professor tenure at major universities. I have a blog (yes this is what you are reading), a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a Pinterest page, a website, email and even a PO Box. Whew, recall the promises of technology pirates Gates and Jobs of technology simplifying life? Well did they? Be honest. Maybe they simplified the use of technology so that your job can be done with a program or app. Yes, unemployment will simplify your life.

I’ve seen a lot of advances in technology in my 53 years on this blue ball. Not all technology has advanced us, but it has entertained us and quite frankly, devoured precious time from our lives. I am the world’s worst SmartPhone user. I need it for two basic purposes, telephone calls and email. I read the email so I can call and respond to people’s needs. I do not text; I am doing that right now. And sexting? Please! I’m 53 years old, -I have many other tasks I would like to complete in this lifetime rather than look at photos and sexy words of other 53 year old females!

There is an entire world out there beyond your computer. I notice people walking and staring at their phones, while the world passes them by. I for one want to interact with my world and the people in it. Technology allows for some of that when distance is an issue, but if we continue on current trends, the only world we will know is the one in the spare bedroom were our technology center is housed. We will lose all ability to interact in social settings, interview for a job, or handle reality. Virtual reality has been a fun ride, but it cannot substitute the real thing. But for all you young adults and teenagers out there, heed my advice, the jobs of the future will be dependent on your technology skills.

So next time you add a new social media to your daily routine, just remember and try to repeat three times in a row, out loud:

“PinTwitBookBlog”, “PinTwitBookBlog”, “PinTwitBookBlog”!

See, insane isn’t it?

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