Self Inspiration – The Jessica Way

If you have never watched this video, you owe it yourself to watch. What you can learn from it is very powerful. It’s the power of self affirmation.

We live in a pessimistic society, where keeping people down can boost our own ego. At times the only optimistic person in your life is yourself. My motto for 2012 was “Just Watch Me.” This was based partly on my entire life’s attitude, when everyone around said you can’t or shouldn’t do that. Have I had failures? You bet! Have I had successes? You bet! But what keeps me going at age 52 is the thirst for more knowledge and willingness to learn and try new things. I have limited time on this blue ball and I watch to draw out of it all that at can. I want to recall the wonderment of being a child and day-dreaming of stories and inventions. I want to surpass what a 52 year old man can do physically and mentally. I want those that believe they are the only experts to see that I am a human being capable of learning anything and that their opinion will be heard, but that it will not detract me from accomplishing what I seek.

Do you need inspiration? Do you need affirmation that you are important? Well, here it is. I believe in you, as I believe in myself. If I can accomplish all that I have, so can you. But, it will not come without an undying effort to be the best you can be. This means you must listen to criticisms and self assess your own weaknesses, because no one is ever perfect. But, you must associate yourself with those that want to see you succeed. Ever heard of the phrase, “Misery loves company”? When you associate with a pessimist, it is because you share a bond that the world is against you both. Your fellow pessimist will want to keep you down, because it supports their thinking and boosts their own self importance. We all too often follow that which we want to believe, without expanding our scope of the world. That narrow vision limits your knowledge. You must learn to be as independent as you can and to understand an opposing viewpoint. There are no absolutisms, other than death and taxes.

So as you look in the mirror, it is the person on the other side that is the only one going to hold you accountable for the direction of your life. Now clap your hands together and proclaim “I love life and I can accomplish anything.” Then charge out of the house and seize the hour of the day.

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