Of Philosophy and Wisdom

I admit to being a thinker. I did not have any philosophy courses in college, but I’ve always wondered about how people can justify an action or deny a consequence. In my trilogy “The Chosen One of Allivar” I tried to blend my own thinking into the story. Much of my thinking comes from every day observation and not deep philosophical study. As I get older, however, the mind of man has become a fascination for me. I don’t sit around all day like ancient Greeks in my hot tub pondering the fate of Atlantis. I have too much I want to accomplish. As Benjamin Franklin once said “Rise you slaggard, there is enough time for sleep in the grave.”

We are all philosophers to some extent. As parents, we try to use reason and logic in our parenting skills. As teenagers, we try to use reason and logic with our parents to gain more freedoms. We both look at each other and think the other is completely illogical and unreasonable. The defining characteristic, in my humble opinion, is wisdom. At age fifty-two, I freely admit to once being a foolish young adult and I am lucky to be alive.

In my story, Arimar is introduced as a newborn. His caretaker, Marimon, is older but does not have parenting wisdom. This leads to some humorous scenes. Arimar turns ten when he is led to the forest blind-folded to receive instruction and wisdom from the Unseen. Here he is given gifts for the quest ahead of him. He tests his boundaries and does a foolish thing. Later as a seventeen year old he is confronted with the most difficult challenge of his life and contemplates suicide, as his foolish actions led to serious consequences. It takes an elder, full of wisdom, to change his mind. A little older and more wise he now accepts his path and spends the next twenty three years attempting to perfect himself. For at age forty, he is now mentally and physically mature enough for the challenge ahead.

All along his quest, he must continue to receive advice from those around him, for lives are at stake once again. He must regain trust of those he once impacted negatively. In the final battle, all that he has learned, all that he has witnessed, all that makes up his inner soul is called upon to decide the fate between the light of life or darkness unforgiving. It is at that moment he comes as close to perfection as possible for a mortal.

So when you complete the trilogy, consider some deep thinking went into its creation and maybe then you will discover a different story the next time you read it.


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