The Chronicles

When I began my quest of writing a fantasy based on mythology, I had only a trilogy in mind. That changed as I neared the completion of the trilogy. Now my mythology is set to have 18 total stories. As my mind raced to make the trilogy as exciting as possible, a new premise came to my mind. In the first nine chapters of book one “Rise of the Fallen”, I created my mythical universe and immortal stewards for ten worlds.

Nine of these worlds fall by the evil influence of damned immortals. Therefore I was able to contemplate the writing of nine stories that delve into the reasons those worlds fell. These will be tragedies, but with a twist, of which I will not disclose at this time. The premises are carved in stone and are derived, in part, by the nine circles of Hell in Dante’s Inferno.

Then on the remaining world, Allivar, there are six ages before the introduction of the main character at the beginning of the seventh age. The history of those first six ages was compressed in book one allowing the reader to become immersed in the story. So, six more premises are set. I allude to these stories in the trilogy and provide many clues which you must uncover.

What I can say about the chronicles is they will be as intense and emotional as the trilogy. And when you are on book 18, you will arrive back at the final battle scene in book three of the trilogy. The chronicles are the stories of the heroes and heroines of the armies of light and their part in this mythology. The first nine chapters of the trilogy are the most difficult to digest, but just understand I had to establish the origin of the seven races and of evil. As readers become accustomed to the characteristics of the races in the trilogy, I can by-pass the long explanatory narrative and get busy delving into the main story line of each of the next fifteen stories.

To provide prospective readers with a glimpse of the trilogy and the chronicles, follow the quest here:

So finish the trilogy and get ready to be a part of the gathering of the armies of light and the rise of the seven races. For history must be retold, if we shall not repeat it.


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