Trailer Trash Tuesday

I just saw a Tweet that referred to Trailer Trash Tuesday. Well why not an “official” Trailer Trash Day? Somebody has to make this stuff up so why not me for today? We have the Talk like a Pirate Day, why not a Trailer Trash Day? You have to admit it would be fun! You could get all decked out in some of those clothes in the back of the closet you’ve been saving and try to stuff yourself into those “skinny” jeans. Then let your moustache grow out, oh yes, you ladies too. Leave your hair tangled in that just out bed, didn’t even wash it style and then proceed to the trash games at the nearby Wally World.

It would soon be known as the OccupyWallyWorld movement. In effect, there would so many People of Wally World photos floating around, Wally World would cease to exist. See the power of the mob mentality? They’d have to have low, low, low, lower prices every hour to attract you back. You see, you always have to think ahead.

Now some on my wife’s side of the family need not put on this act as they are natural and certified. She has a grandmother who is also an aunt, a stepfather who is a cousin and a father who has Newt Gingrich’s open marriage concept down to a science. It gives me a headache to try and sort it out so I stopped trying. The problem is they would infiltrate Trailer Trash Tuesday to blend in with us sane people. You’d accept them as friends for what you thought was an Oscar worthy nominated performance, only to be stuck with them until you could unfriend them (or hide from them) at the next year’s event. Be careful what you ask for. Some concepts are worthy – Trailer Trash Day, uh, well, maybe it’s not such a good idea.

Besides, haven’t we enough “days” to fill up the 365 days we already have. I think we just celebrated National Peanut Butter Day. Isn’t that enough nuttiness? We have Doppelganger Day, Pirate Day, Mothers, Fathers, Twin, Dog, Parakeet, Muskrat, etc., etc. Days. Enough already! But just you wait – some bright person from within a double-wide is working diligently to begin the process of introducing the theme of the hour. You think I am crazy? Does “five o’clock somewhere” sound familiar?

You see the world is, and specifically the people inhabiting it are, absurdly and abnormally hilarious and will always provide us themes for an eternity of writing topics. Get busy and beat some hillbilly to the next bestselling concept.

Remember, this is all just in fun! So don’t pick on anyone in your family, and celebrate “Be Kind to Hillbilly’s Day,” we’ll have the moonshine waitin, ya’ll.

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