Of the Human Spirit

In my trilogy, The Chosen One of Allivar, I delve into the most complex topic for humans – the origin of and the nature of the resilient human spirit. We live in a period of hyper-pessimism and hyper-partisanship. We tear down the human spirit by belittling others.  Our social media is anything but social.  It dispenses judgment at light speed now.  Divorce, suicide, suicide/murder, bullying, hatred and other social ills seem to be growing in strength everyday. Our politics are so divided that ordinary people are losing trust and faith in human’s abilities to do “good.” My story is a reflection of the battle between the forces of good and evil which has raged here on this world for thousands of years.

In my mythological trilogy, nine worlds fall by the actions of mortals, influenced by the vengeance of evil. It is only on the last world, Allivar, that a final stand must take place for us all to open our eyes and realize that only we, the living, can alter the course of history. This theme is key to every great mythology. Most of the time the story ends with a victory over evil. My story delves into the concept of “free will” from the very beginning and allows you to witness what the characters will do with this gift.

But what happens when we die? What purpose could there possibly be in life and an afterlife? My take is unique and unlike any you will read. It is a narrative on the “what if.”

Frodo asks Sam in The Two Towers, ‘What are we holding on to?’ Sam looks at Frodo and replies, ‘That there is some good left in this world and it is worth fighting for.’ When Gandalf falls into shadow from combat with the Balrog, he experiences death and then returns with, ‘I have been sent back at the turn of the tide to finish my task.’ All of this conveys that we have meaning. So I wanted to explore “meaning” of humanity and the intentions of a mythological creator. My story is 100% speculation and makes for, I hope, a great thought provoking and conversational story. I may have mentioned that I read slowly because in college literature you were required to analyze a story and determine what clues the author embedded for a full explanation of the story.

Are we just a dust ball of carbon molecules from a streaking ball of frozen ice? Did we just somehow mutate into an organism that experiences joy, sadness, pain, sight and thought? With free will, you have been given the gift and right to believe in whatever path your choice leads you. Will you understand why Arimar, ‘The Messenger’, is the chosen one? I will not reveal the answer, as I had originally intended, but leave it to your own conclusion. In the end, the primary purpose of the story is to shed light on the human condition and the human spirit.  For we stand on the only physical paradise we will ever know.  Do we take if for granted, or do we, make a stand for something greater than ourselves.


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