Of Dragons

2012 is the year of the Dragon, literally! It is the Chinese New Year and in their culture it is the Year of the Dragon. In December, “The Hobbit” is to be released and Smaug to be introduced. It is also the year that you should consider reading my trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar.” As in all great mythologies, dragons are one of several nemeses for heroes.

In book one, “Rise of the Fallen”, I introduce a brief narrative on the Dragons bound in the forbidden lands and how Arimar’s quest must not go near these lands. It briefly describes how the dragons came to be and how four dragons were charged with the protection of the northern and southern entrances to the Marog, or the forbidden lands.

In book 2, “Bound to Forbidden Lands”, Arimar has no choice but to risk all to gain passage through the forbidden lands to return to the lands of his family’s origin and receive the final revelation of the Unseen. In those lands not only will he have to confront the guardian dragons, but also the “Watchers”, the Gregoron of the lands. Both are bound to the lands as captives. Arimar’s followers are bound to the lands as passage, hence the title to book 2. Using the word ‘Bound’ now has a double meaning.

In book 3, “Last Stand of the Living”, Arimar and his followers are laid siege upon by the forces of evil and witness the unbinding of all evil in the Marog, which includes all the Dragons, Bergons (Giants) and the Watchers.

For a visual reference consider the following from “The Silmarillion” where Glaurung and other Dragons, Orcs and Balrogs lay siege upon the Noldor in the Battle of Sudden Flame. We’ve seen Dragons, Orcs and one Balrog on screen, but an entire army of all three would be a visual effects masterpiece leaving audiences thunderstruck.

So, from my reading of numerous stories, I developed what I think is the single largest battle ever written in a story. It is the battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. Dragons play a key role in heightening the tension, and grandeur of my epic mythology.

But, as Gandalf might say, “The journey does not end here,” for the origin of Dragons must be told and battles waged again in the “Chronicles.” I assure you the battles will be spectacular!


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