Of Giants

What mythological tale would be complete without the presence of giants? My mythology, “The Chosen One of Allivar” has two sets of evil giants – the Bermolong and the Bergons. The Bermolong are the offspring of experimentation breeding of the gentle and good giants, the Bermules. Bothar, the most lovable character in the trilogy, is among the race of Bermules. The Bergons are the largest of the giants and Arimar, the main character, must battle the king of the Bergons, “Ergon” in a coliseum scene which my editor truly appreciated for the blood and gore.

The Bermolongs are briefly discussed in book one, “Rise of the Fallen”, as a teaser for what lies ahead. In Book two, “Bound to Forbidden Lands”, Arimar has to battle both Bermolong and Bergon in the ‘sport’ of Blood Run at the coliseum of King Yubal. Like the Dragons, Gregoron, Luminar and Luminags, the Bergons are bound as captives in the Marog (Forbidden Lands). However, the giants do not appear in those lands but appear again in book three, “Last Stand of the Living”. There they are unbound to join in the final battle between the armies of light and darkness.

As I contemplated writing my mythology, I did not want too many characters and monsters which might confuse readers. Yet what mythology would be complete without the stories of beasts and monsters that our heroes and heroines must defeat or defend themselves against? I promise stories of other heroes and their interaction with giants will be forthcoming in the fifteen books that comprise the history, or “Chronicles” of my mythology.

Keep this in mind – many beasts and giants in mythologies are results of the interference of gods or immortal beings. So in my mythology, the Charamorgs (Guardians of the Damned) are transformed from Charafuse (Guardians of the Light) and, in their vengeneance, they plot to overthrow mortals and the creator with their own malevolent creations.


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