Dave Barry Virus OMG WTF

I have to admit it. In addition to becoming a successful author, I’d also like to be a syndicated columnist writing observational humor like Dave Barry has for quite a long time at the Miami Herald. He is the super hero with the big “H” on his cape. I laugh to the point of hysterical crying when I read his work. He is like a virus; one we do not need to be inoculated from, but to be infected with. Laughter and smiling has many health benefits that requires no premiums, a national mandate, or tax code regulations. It’s free and available to everyone of us. It’s the Universal Laughter Plan, or ULP for all you acronym freaks and text message shortcuts gurus.

You will see me writing posts on various topics, but by far my favorite thing to write about is the absurdity and abnormality of human behavior.

For example, our children are famous for saying “Let me live my life!” However, this “life” they want to live must come with a car, allowance, video game library and a family calling plan for their 10,000 monthly text messages. Plus, their “life” requires a medical plan that extends to age 40 when they must have that repetitive stress syndrome surgery for their soon to be flat tire thumbs. Now that’s funny! Our kids don’t realize their own stand up comedic potential.

I also admit to being behind the times. I thought WTF meant “Where’s The Food.” This seems more logical to me for a teenager’s lingo than the real meaning. Which is another point. Hasn’t the “F” word run its course? Don’t teens want to be nonconformists? Do they realize they are the conforming nonconformist? WTF, I thought I was unique! Oops, welcome to the absurd world.

I also thought OMG meant “Oh My Groin.” Well I have had plenty of OMG moments, which I will detail in later posts. I promise, it is both absurd and abnormal, which is what makes it so much fun. To laugh at ourselves and to realize we are all part of this imperfect human family is healthy. Well it is nearing noon so OMG, WTF (Oh My Gut, Where’s The Food?)

What’s the most absurd thing you witnessed today?

If you have never witnessed the insanity of Dave Barry, here is the path to la-la land.
Dave Barry’s Blog

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