Daily Thoughts – Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Off to Write I Go!

As I have already written, I am a nerd and a writer. For the most part, my writing is of high values and exciting adventure. It is my escapism from the realities of life. So if a blog is supposed to give you an insight into the author’s mind, sorry, random neurons are firing in me at all times. Whether dreaming by day or night, I come up with a premise for a new story just about daily. I have over 35 stories now in premise phase, including 2 more trilogies, both sci-fi adventures. Two stories have been placed into word processing after I typed them in the 1980’s. Yes, that is correct, I typed them. Now you have an idea of my age.

If you expect this author to regurgitate method novels, sorry you are mistaken again. My interests are too wide to settle for writing in template mode. I am also not into the trend of the moment. I applaud all authors, don’t get me wrong, but right now hormonal zombie and vampire love stories are not my thing, nor do I have any premises for them. Well, I lie about that one. I do have a parody of a vampire story that I am assisting my wife in writing. We crack up laughing as we develop the plot. So even humorous stories are in my list.

What I can guarantee is something unique each time, just like these blog posts. Right now as I write, I am 9,000 words and two chapters into the fourth story of my eighteen story mythology. Few have read the full trilogy, The Chosen One of Allivar, but those that have are eagerly wanting more after I described the direction of these next fifteen stories. With this in mind, I have written several daily thoughts in advance so that I can crank out 6,000 – 10,000 word per day. My goal? Finish “The Fall of Helloria” by mid-February. It is the first of the nine heavenly worlds to fall by the corruption of Haggarfuse the Deceiver. If you have read the trilogy you know his captain, Gahar. You also learned very briefly about Melin. This story develops the perspective of the gathering of the forces of darkness and the forces of light.

Can I accomplish this task? “Just Watch Me!” Hi Ho Hi Ho, off to write I go.

Tell me what you think.

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