The Imperfect Human Family

My trilogy has one overriding theme – family. Not the average family with 2.3 children but the human family. Some insist my story is a Christian story, which I vehemently argue against. Even a Christian friend stated the story is very “unchristian” like. I had one YouTube comment which stated “Change the title or no one will ever read it.” What is there to fear in the title “The Chosen One of Allivar”?

In Avatar, the crippled soldier was the chosen one. In the Lord of the Rings, Frodo was the chosen one. Harry Potter was the chosen one. I’ll take my chances on the title. In almost every great story there is a character who has been chosen to display courage, valor and stand for some moral foundation – what is the right thing to do?

Arimar in the language of the Unseen means “Messenger”. It has been foretold that he will come and return the message to the heavens. He makes his final stand against evil in the last heavenly world of Allivar, which means “The One Family.” On Allivar there are seven very different races of size and color. In Avatar, the Pandoran’s are a race we all admire because they display a love for family, their world and, yes, even the unseen force that binds their world together in harmony. They invite an outsider to experience their ways and understand them. On Allivar there are the Bermules, whose appearance might remind you of trolls but are the gentle giants who display the characteristics we should aspire to have.

The seven races of Allivar have been divided by the forces of evil by using their difference to create hatred, bigotry and distrust. Forthcoming in the “chronicles”, I will delve into how evil plays on imperfections to divide the races and destroy nine of the ten heavenly worlds. The chronicles will be tragedies but will end with a purpose and supplement the trilogy. All mythologies have one thing in common, a narrative on the end of times. But what end? One that is controlled by evil or one that only the good and united family can provide?

Look around you. Whether you believe in evil forces or not, our fate is in the hands of the imperfect human family. So far we have not demonstrated we have learned much from history and has been foretold. Without that knowledge, we are doomed to repeat those mistakes. Unfortunately our modern weapons may provide our own end of times.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.”


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