Of Mythology

My trilogy “The Chosen One of Allivar” is difficult to describe in a 30 second elevator speech as many have suggested. So, after long and hard thought, the best way I can describe it is to use a quote from one of my research aids. “Mythology” the visual reference guide by Philip Wilkinson and Neil Philip, which is an excellent read by the way. The header on page 14 pretty much sums it up.

“Myths are sacred stories. They tell of the creation of the world; the emergence of gods and the first men and women; the adventures of heroes and the audacity of tricksters; the nature of the heavens and the Underworld; and what will happen when time comes to an end. Every human culture has its own myths that are passed on from one generation to the next.”

And there you have it. The trilogy is a mythology and nothing more. It is not a stealth Christian story, although Christians, Jews and Muslims may find many similarities to their faith. I am not espousing a new religion, just a story. I recall how JRR Tolkien had presented “The Silmarillion” to his publisher and how they rejected it. “The Silmarillion” is the creation story of Tolkien’s universe and laid the history for the complete comprehension of “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”. In my opinion, to not read his entire works is to miss out on a great mythology. From this knowledge of Tolkien’s world, the great Greek and Roman myths, the canonized and non-canonized stories of the Bible, I began to craft my very own mythology.

The first nine chapters of book one, “Rise of the Fallen”, deals with the development of my universe and sets the stage for the 18 books to follow. The trilogy can be read alone because it has a definite beginning and ending that completes a full circle. The “chronicles” are sixteen stories that will expand upon the mythology and will lead right back into full comprehension of the mythology, but just from a different perspective. I promise those that have read the complete trilogy, they will not be disappointed.

For those who immediately drop the first book before completing the trilogy, all I can say is keep an open mind and continue to its conclusion. For those that do not believe in the Torah, Bible or Koran, read my stories simply as literature. Study them for the great stories and philosophy. I, for one, believe in free will, so exercise your free will to gain as much knowledge as possible. I can promise you this, if you make it to the final battle between good and evil in book three, “Last Stand of the Living” you will be on visual and emotional overload.

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Rise of the Fallen (Published)

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The Fall of Helloria (First Edit Phase Feb 2013)

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The Age of the Bloody (Premise Phase)

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The Age of the Conqueror (Premise Phase)

The Age of Light (Premise Phase)


Of Dragons

2012 is the year of the Dragon, literally! It is the Chinese New Year and in their culture it is the Year of the Dragon. In December, “The Hobbit” is to be released and Smaug to be introduced. It is also the year that you should consider reading my trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar.” As in all great mythologies, dragons are one of several nemeses for heroes.

In book one, “Rise of the Fallen”, I introduce a brief narrative on the Dragons bound in the forbidden lands and how Arimar’s quest must not go near these lands. It briefly describes how the dragons came to be and how four dragons were charged with the protection of the northern and southern entrances to the Marog, or the forbidden lands.

In book 2, “Bound to Forbidden Lands”, Arimar has no choice but to risk all to gain passage through the forbidden lands to return to the lands of his family’s origin and receive the final revelation of the Unseen. In those lands not only will he have to confront the guardian dragons, but also the “Watchers”, the Gregoron of the lands. Both are bound to the lands as captives. Arimar’s followers are bound to the lands as passage, hence the title to book 2. Using the word ‘Bound’ now has a double meaning.

In book 3, “Last Stand of the Living”, Arimar and his followers are laid siege upon by the forces of evil and witness the unbinding of all evil in the Marog, which includes all the Dragons, Bergons (Giants) and the Watchers.

For a visual reference consider the following from “The Silmarillion” where Glaurung and other Dragons, Orcs and Balrogs lay siege upon the Noldor in the Battle of Sudden Flame. We’ve seen Dragons, Orcs and one Balrog on screen, but an entire army of all three would be a visual effects masterpiece leaving audiences thunderstruck.

So, from my reading of numerous stories, I developed what I think is the single largest battle ever written in a story. It is the battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. Dragons play a key role in heightening the tension, and grandeur of my epic mythology.

But, as Gandalf might say, “The journey does not end here,” for the origin of Dragons must be told and battles waged again in the “Chronicles.” I assure you the battles will be spectacular!

Of Watchers

In my trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar”, I wanted to create my own version of evil characters. From this quest I created the Gregoron, or Watchers of the Marog (Forbidden Lands). Those of you who are vampire lovers may find this character of interest. The Gregoron came to me from reading and researching a very interesting topic I discovered in the bible in the Book of Genesis

When men began to multiply on earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw how beautiful the daughters of man were, and so they took for their wives as many of them as they chose. Then the Lord said: “My spirit shall not remain in man forever, since he is but flesh. His days shall comprise one hundred and twenty years.” At that time the Nephilim appeared on earth (as well as later), after the sons of God had intercourse with the daughters of man, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown. (Genesis 6:1-4)

What?! Who are the Nephilim and what were they renowned for? Very little is said of this so, being inquisitive, I researched more and found the Book of Enoch which is quite a story! The Greek word Grigori means “Watchers”. These watchers brought upon the earth giant offspring which God destroyed by the flood. So I changed Nephilim to Nephilliad as Arimar’s race. The giants I call the Bergons and the Watchers I call the Gregoron. See! Reading religious history is great for plot and character development!

In the Trilogy and like the Dragons, the Gregoron are bound to the Marog after they kidnap, rape and produce hellish offspring, the Luminar and Luminags. In book one you only hear about them as a fireside tale. But in book two the hero and his followers must defend against them as they attempt to gain passage to the free and safe lands of the south. In book three all evil is unbound from the Marog.

What makes the Gregoron scary is that they guard a golden kingdom and for those that attempt to steal their gold, their life force is drained by their hellish scream and reduced to a statue of dust. So I combined some of the characteristics of the vampire and Gorgon (Medusa) of Greek mythology.

When the final battle between good and evil takes place the Watchers will be in force.

Of Giants

What mythological tale would be complete without the presence of giants? My mythology, “The Chosen One of Allivar” has two sets of evil giants – the Bermolong and the Bergons. The Bermolong are the offspring of experimentation breeding of the gentle and good giants, the Bermules. Bothar, the most lovable character in the trilogy, is among the race of Bermules. The Bergons are the largest of the giants and Arimar, the main character, must battle the king of the Bergons, “Ergon” in a coliseum scene which my editor truly appreciated for the blood and gore.

The Bermolongs are briefly discussed in book one, “Rise of the Fallen”, as a teaser for what lies ahead. In Book two, “Bound to Forbidden Lands”, Arimar has to battle both Bermolong and Bergon in the ‘sport’ of Blood Run at the coliseum of King Yubal. Like the Dragons, Gregoron, Luminar and Luminags, the Bergons are bound as captives in the Marog (Forbidden Lands). However, the giants do not appear in those lands but appear again in book three, “Last Stand of the Living”. There they are unbound to join in the final battle between the armies of light and darkness.

As I contemplated writing my mythology, I did not want too many characters and monsters which might confuse readers. Yet what mythology would be complete without the stories of beasts and monsters that our heroes and heroines must defeat or defend themselves against? I promise stories of other heroes and their interaction with giants will be forthcoming in the fifteen books that comprise the history, or “Chronicles” of my mythology.

Keep this in mind – many beasts and giants in mythologies are results of the interference of gods or immortal beings. So in my mythology, the Charamorgs (Guardians of the Damned) are transformed from Charafuse (Guardians of the Light) and, in their vengeneance, they plot to overthrow mortals and the creator with their own malevolent creations.

Drive away, drive away! DADA Technology

I may have mentioned that Monty Python corrupted my soul. In the silly classic, The Holy Grail, the brave knights encounter many perils too perilous to cross. They yell “Run away, run away!” Well let me report to you what I’ve seen on the roads lately that makes me want to scream “Drive away, drive away.” Let me expand on some of the real scenes as of late.

Have you ever seen someone lose the entire back axle of their rusty antique 1300 A.D. Ford pickup and push it out of the street? How about this – someone flipping you the bird when you have the right of way on a left turn signal and that flying bird thrower wants to make a right turn, but his right of way is at his choosing. “Drive away, drive away!” I am telling you the Darwin awards simply have too many candidates to count.

How about a person who drives 20 mph in a 40 mph zone on a beautiful clear day with no cars in front of him? Or that same Iguana that drives 40 mph in a 20 mph school zone with parked cars on the side and children running around like beheaded chickens? “Drive away, drive away!”

I kid you not on any of these absurd human observations. In Dallas, I saw a guy smoking a stogie with one hand and a phone in the other while steering with his knees. And yet another dude was playing a guitar while driving. We have all seen those people reaching around the car or leaning forward while applying makeup. You may even be one of them. Do you have a death wish?

I know technology has come a long way, so why can’t we have forward and back bumper scanners that read a driver’s record? Then our GPS would alert us and scream “Drive away, drive away!” I also want a forward and rear facing neon sign that I can yell commands to my onboard computer and those instructions are clearly seen by drivers in front and back of me. I am doing both sides a service.

Why not? This DADA device is technology that some bright auto company is about to discover. Maybe Tata Motors will name an automobile just for my concept. I can see it now the DADA TATA, TATA DADA, DATA DATA, or even the TADA TADA – any and all catchy and hip hoppy! But you read it here first, so I want my cut of this stroke of genius. You are my witness, just as I was a witness the day a 15 year old joy-rider crashed his mum’s station wagon eight feet into my parents’ home in the middle of the block. I kid you not! “Drive away, drive away!”

So what Darwin driver absurdity have you seen lately?

Dave Barry Virus OMG WTF

I have to admit it. In addition to becoming a successful author, I’d also like to be a syndicated columnist writing observational humor like Dave Barry has for quite a long time at the Miami Herald. He is the super hero with the big “H” on his cape. I laugh to the point of hysterical crying when I read his work. He is like a virus; one we do not need to be inoculated from, but to be infected with. Laughter and smiling has many health benefits that requires no premiums, a national mandate, or tax code regulations. It’s free and available to everyone of us. It’s the Universal Laughter Plan, or ULP for all you acronym freaks and text message shortcuts gurus.

You will see me writing posts on various topics, but by far my favorite thing to write about is the absurdity and abnormality of human behavior.

For example, our children are famous for saying “Let me live my life!” However, this “life” they want to live must come with a car, allowance, video game library and a family calling plan for their 10,000 monthly text messages. Plus, their “life” requires a medical plan that extends to age 40 when they must have that repetitive stress syndrome surgery for their soon to be flat tire thumbs. Now that’s funny! Our kids don’t realize their own stand up comedic potential.

I also admit to being behind the times. I thought WTF meant “Where’s The Food.” This seems more logical to me for a teenager’s lingo than the real meaning. Which is another point. Hasn’t the “F” word run its course? Don’t teens want to be nonconformists? Do they realize they are the conforming nonconformist? WTF, I thought I was unique! Oops, welcome to the absurd world.

I also thought OMG meant “Oh My Groin.” Well I have had plenty of OMG moments, which I will detail in later posts. I promise, it is both absurd and abnormal, which is what makes it so much fun. To laugh at ourselves and to realize we are all part of this imperfect human family is healthy. Well it is nearing noon so OMG, WTF (Oh My Gut, Where’s The Food?)

What’s the most absurd thing you witnessed today?

If you have never witnessed the insanity of Dave Barry, here is the path to la-la land.
Dave Barry’s Blog


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I thought the acronym OMG stood for “Oh My Groin” because I originated it, I swear. I promised to go into detail to give you a sense of my fellow men’s pain.

My first OMG moment was when I was learning to ride my first ten speed bicycle. I was fascinated by the changing gears, so much so that by the time I looked up it was too late. I had collided with a parked car and OMG! I hit the steel handle bars as I went flying onto the auto’s trunk and back glass. Now, I was young so I was pleading for help in uber-falsetto. So as I was lying there, recovering my voice and breath, people in cars drove by and just laughed their hiney’s off at my predicament. Too bad YouTube did not exist – I’d be an instant hit with a gazillion hits at the very first OMG moment.

My second OMG moment dealt with the male bonding experience of a fist fight. I had played all macho with another school mate and I was challenged to a fight. Now, being old-fashioned I believed all fights to be orderly and between gentleman. Each guy took one hit to the face until somebody went down. Wrong, my opponent, not as chivalrous as I, decided on a laser guided, surgically and strategically planted tip of his cowboy boot in my groin which was more appropriate to ending the battle soon. My falsetto returned as I lay helplessly on the ground pleading for assistance. Yet another YouTube moment lost forever. But, using your imagination, you get the point. Recall “Bohemian Rhapsody” where the falsetto lyrics should have been (please sing along with me):

“Oh mama mia, oh mama mia,
I just got kicked where I go pia”

I have forewarned you of my warped sense of Monty Python humor. I could do this all day. But then my wife would give me a new OMG memory and record it for YouTube. She’d get rich and famous while I would just have a permanent falsetto.

My next OMG moment should make every woman on planet earth happy. In college I was a weight lifter, studly and manly enough to attract my wife with bulging biceps, glutes, etc, etc. Unfortunately, I also developed a bulging hemorrhoid. However, I knew nothing of such a thing and immediately went to see a doctor thinking it might be a tumor. The doctor and the nurse simply laughed and told me it was a ‘roid. They proceeded to spread my legs and place them in a stirrup. Next thing I know, OMG, OMG, OMG they are cutting it out! I felt as though I was giving birth, even though I certainly have no idea of that sensation. Now I was uber-uber-falsetto and begging for dear life (sing along time again):

“Oh mama mia, oh mama mia,
don’t let the knife slip near my pia”

I had already been circumcised as an infant and it didn’t need it again. When I saw what I had given birth to was no more than a pebble, I thought to myself “you wuss”. William Wallace could endure being drawn and quartered and still retain a steady voice. But, they didn’t go near his groin in the movie.

Finally, a vasectomy was in order when it was obvious that I could not afford more than two children, and being chivalrous and not wanting to experience “The Exorcist III” with my wife giving birth, I decided to forsake my groin one last time. This time the OMG moment was softened with anesthesia.

So next time you read a Blog, Tweet or text message, just know I invented the acronym OMG and please use it correctly.